Thursday, August 19, 2010

Break in the weather.

We finally had a break in the weather, a little rain and cooler temperatures (65˚F in the evenings) So I decide to go out see if the water temperature fell as well.

When I got to the stream around dinner time and took temperatures reading and the water was at 71˚F so I sorted my gear had a Cliff Bar which took about an hour. The water temperatures dropped to 70˚ F so it was time to fish.

I was determined to fish on top so I took out my 8' 6" Orvis Super Fine 5 Wt. so I wouldn't be tempted to fish the bottom.

Bloody hell, a nice little native Brown, but water on the lens.

Cleaned the lens and took this bow on a Parachute Adams.

The Release (I had to crop because the camera strap was in the way).