Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

Recently I found a site that shares some of North Carolina's western fishing spots. The WNC Fly Fishing Trail map was produced by the Jackson Co. Tourism Authority with the help of local guides and fishers.  It's well though out and I know I'll use it when I find myself in North Carolina.

Here is a video from the site explaining the  WNC Fly Fishing Trail.

The trail pledge is "As a true sportsman, I pledge to never litter and to avoid trespassing on private lands. I will respect the rights of property owners, and always leave the streams in better condition than I found them."  Words we all can live by.

WNC Fly Fishing Trail
Click the caption for a PDF of the map or visit the site http://www.flyfishingtrail.com/


  1. That does look like a very valuable map to have. I like how it highlights pull off and access points. Now that you have the map of the "most popular" spots...who's got the map of the "secret" spots?

  2. I thought it was well thought out. I sure the "secret" spots are hard to access. It's nice to have a simple guide of an area, so you'll have general lay of the land before going into the shops for info and flies.

  3. Awesome map, but the best part about it is that it did not include any of the waters I fish when down there :)