Monday, August 23, 2010

Yellow Monga Streamer

While tying with "The Jersey Angler" I was playing with some streamer patterns getting ready for the fall.  This patten is inspired by Bob Jacklin's "South Branch Chub."  I'll try to post it some time soon.

Hook: 6X long streamer
Size: 6-10
Thread: Yellow UNI-Stretch.
Body: Yellow UNI-Stretch.
Ribbing: Gold Tinsel and Copper Wire.
Wing: White and Black Monga Ringtail Hair (sparsely dressed).
Head: Chinese Red UNI-Stretch.

 1. Mash down barb and bead and wind on lead wire.

  2. Gold Tinsel and Copper Wire.

 3. Wind on the Yellow UNI-Stretch to form the body.

 4. Advance the Gold Tinsel with open turns (counter clockwise).

5. Advance the Copper Wire with open turns (clockwise).

6. Tie in the white and black Ringtail Monga hair wing.

7. Whip finish the yellow UNI-Stretch, finish
the head with Chinese Red UNI-Stretch 
and apply head cement.

I got out the other day when the weather had gotten cooler and decide to give the Yellow Monga a try and I wasn't disappointed. Both rainbows hit it this fly like a runaway freight train.

The first victim of the Yellow Monga.

The second victim of the Yellow Monga.


  1. Are you fishing in the morning or evening? Might be the flash making it look darker than it is? Either way, nice fly.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Ryan,

    I was fishing at dusk.

    Fin and Fly