Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn's Colors

The change of the leave means scenic fishing and brightly colored trout.  This plus crisp weather, and reduced numbers of fishers on the water make it my favorite time to be out.
Rainbow taken on my Tan UV Caddis Jig.
A nice wild Brown Trout.
Spawning Brook Trout
I was shocked when I brought this Brookie to the net, because I was where near water that I think she would be cutting a redd. It doesn't look like state breeder (more like a hold over) to me since the other fins look fine, just the tail is worn from cutting a redd.


  1. I agree. Nice Fall colors.


  2. great fish! that brookie is out of control!!!

  3. Dude, that brookie is a PIG!! Major jealous! Beautiful.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Thanks. It made my day to land that Brookie and to have my camera.