Monday, January 17, 2011

Duke's Cigarettes Card – California Salmon

Here is another of the Duke Cigarettes card from the Library of Congress's digital collection.  It's of a California Salmon (King Salmon).  I wish I as able to find cards in better condition, but no luck.  I've clean it up a bit, but the scans from the collection are not the best.  They only have seven of the cards digitized in the digital collection, and I've not found any others online.  I'll  posting them throughout the year.



  1. I love these! I can feel another obsession coming on. How old are these?

  2. Cofisher,

    They are from 1888 so they are 123 years old. There are some on eBay ranging in price from $4.75 (Dealer in GB) condition (?), one in good shape (Blue Fish) $39.99 and a set of 10 for $275.00.

    Good hunting.