Thursday, January 27, 2011

My attempt at tying Umpqua's Scuba Nymph

Back in October I posted what I felt was the recipe for Umpqua's Scuba Nymph. Here is my attempt tying the Scuba nymph.

Size – 12-18 Grub hook
Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Brown
Head – Tungsten Bead
Legs – Rubber Legs Mini (Montana Fly Company-Tentacles)
Thorax: Peacock
Body and Tail – Pheasant tail
Rib – Copper wire
Back – Crystal Flash

Mash down barb, and weight fly
Tie in Crystal Flash
Tie-in wire.
Tie-in Pheasant tail fibers to form the tail.
Wrap PT tail fibers forward and counter wrap with wire.
Tie in 3 Peacock tail fibers and wrap around to form the thorax.
Fold over Crystal Flash and tie-in.
Tie in Tentacles and whip finish.  (I did this in 3 small clumps.)

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