Sunday, January 23, 2011

UV Bobesh

UV Bobesh
I was playing around with some UV materials while tying at a sportsman show about two weeks ago.  Here is the result the UV Bobesh, which is a variation  on the basic Czech nymph.

The Bobesh fly imitate the larvae stages of Caddis and first started with the sausage skin, than skin of the catfish or the eel and later latex.

I've found adding UV material to my patterns to be very productive, so here I went all out and used as much as possible.  We'll see how it works when the streams open up.

Hook – DOHIKU Scud/Grub Hooks any heavy Grub hook
Size – 8 - 12Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Black
Thorax/Head – Hairline Black UV Ice Dub
Hot Spot – Hairline Hot Orange UV Ice Dub
Abdomen – Hairline Tan UV Ice Dub
Rib – .32 gauge Brown Parawire
Shell Back – Knapek Pearl Braidback UV Claret (2.5mm)
Weight –.015 Lead Free Wire

Wind on your non-lead wire. (Flat lead works the best.)
Secure wire and wrap with thread to form a taper.
Tie in Braidback.
Dub Abdomen.
Dub hot spot. (Heart)
Dub Thorax.
Fold over Braidback and secure.
Advance wire and tie off.
(You may finish the fly here if you like.)
Dub the head with Black UV Ice Dub and whip finish.
(This is optional, but I like how it finish the fly.)


  1. Great pattern! I was looking through my stuff and I have zero Ice dub.. hmmm might have to pick some up

  2. The Ice Dub is good stuff, make sure you get some UV as well.