Friday, January 29, 2010

Rock Worm

There are Rhyacophila larvae in every freestone stream.  It is an abundant food source for trout.  So abundant while nymphing I've impaled larvae, not once but many times.  This is a simple an effective pattern.  You can add a shell back but I've not notice the difference in hook-ups.  You've may notice that I don't have the partridge hackle sweeping back, this is to give the legs more action.

It is a dead simple pattern and very effective.  Bob Jacklin's version landed him a 10 lbs. Brown Trout on the Madison between the lakes.


Hook – TMC 2457 or any heavy Grub hook
Size – 12-18
Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Black
Body – Hairline Insect Green #13 Dubbing or Chartreuse dubbing
Rib – .32 gauge Green Parawire or any green wire
Head – Black Brass or Tungsten bead
Legs – Hungarian Partridge

 1. Mash down barb and secure in wire.

 2. Apply Dubbing to thread.

 3. Wind dubbing forward.

 4. Wind wire forward to create a ribbing.

 5. Tie in Partridge.

 6. Wind on Partridge, secure and whip finish.

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