Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CDC Purple and Orange

The Partridge and Orange and Purple Snipe are tradition wet fly staples.  While playing at the vice I'd put both together with a twist.  I like using CDC for a many soft hackle flies.  The main reason is the barbules catch little air bubbles, which makes the fly sparkle.  Not unlike emerging caddis gas bubble.  I believe trout key in on the halo.


Hook – TMC 2457 or any nymph hook
Size – 12-16
Thread – 8/0  Rust
Body – .32 gauge Purple and Orange wire
Thorex – Tan UV Ice Dub
Hackle – Dun CDC Fibers
 1. Mash down barb and tie in thread.

 2. Tie in purple and orange wire.

 3. Advance purple and orange wire together and tie off.

 4. Tie in CDC feather.

 5. Dub Thorax with Tan UV Ice Dub.
6.  Wind on CDC.

 6. Pull CDC fiber back, form a head and whip finish.

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