Monday, February 1, 2010

Creative Salmon Fly Art

I'd admit straight away I know Paul Rossman and this is a shameless promotion of his newest venture.
"Creative Salmon Fly Art" is the PDF version of the soon to be released hard copy book.

Paul is a artist, author and world class fly tyer.  I met Paul some 10 years back a the International Fly Tying Symposium, through Don Bastin and the late Paul Ptalis when I was getting my copy of "Forgotten Flies" signs by all the tiers who contributed to the book.  Paul was very generous with his time and helped me track down many of the tyers.

In this book Paul give us insight into his creative process.  The book is how he combined this three passions: painting; salmon fly tying; and even cooking.  The book covers flies, print, and the bids used in his art.

Paul also runs the Pine Meadow House B & B in Pine Meadow, CT  and guides on the Farmington River.

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