Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good afternoon with fly and fin.

The northeast was hit with another snowstorm on 2/26/10, which dumped about 12" on top of the 24" from the last storm in my area of New Jersey. After digging out on Friday, I'd promised myself to do something nice on Saturday.  So I went out on Saturday to wet a line.  It was a great day, air temp was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the water temp was 38 degrees Fahrenheit with cloud cover.  The water was high but crystal clear, and the trout were hungry.  I only took two Browns who took the Green Rock Worm, the rest of the trout were Rainbows and they took all three the Rock Worm, Tan UV Caddis and CDC Purple and Orange dropper.

This was the first time I fished the CDC Purple and Orange and the bows slammed it.

Water was high but wade-able.

The Point.

The Anchor.

The Dropper.

Took the Green Rock Worm.

The Release.

Another on the Rock Worm.

On the dropper.

The Release.

The Fight

And Release

The last fish of the day.

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