Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tan UV Caddis

This is a variation of Jig Head Hares Ear Caddis. I'm calling it a Tan UV Caddis. Will see how it will do this spring.

Hook – Jig Head
Size – 1/125 – 1/80
Weight –.22 lead
Thread –8/0 Orange
Body – Ice Dub UV Tan
Hot Spot – Hot Orange
Rib – .32 gauge Brown Parawire or any wireLegs – Rust Dun CDC fibers

1. Mash down barb and secure in wire.

2. Wrap in lead.

3. Secure lead.

4. Apply Dubbing to thread and wind forward.

5. Dub in Hot Spot.

6. Wind wire forward to create a ribbing.

7. Tie in rust CDC

8. Wind on CDC, secure and whip finish.

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