Friday, March 26, 2010

Dreams of the Hatch

I've not gotten out to fish and have no time to tie. With Forsythia blooming in my area I've been dreaming of Henderson's on the wing. Water levels are high and temperature has cooled down, so I'm hoping the hatch is delayed. I would be nice to take fish on top.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Like many you start off modest and then upgrade.  Next thing you know you have 4 vices and desire a 5th.

First:  Thompson A  (Wasn't sure if I wanted to invest a lot into tying.)

Second: Regal (Loved tying and wanted better.)

Third: Renzetti Traveler (Regal to bulky for traveling, so buy a travel vice.)

Forth: Snowbee-WALDRON (Want a better desk vice but the exchange rate to high to get a LAW's.)

Fifth:  LAW Pedestal Vise (Setting money aside to place and order and hope the exchange rate is better.)

On the bench now.

Renzetti Traveler


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Road Kill Materials

While picking up my boys from school on Monday I spotted a Pheasant on the opposite side of the high way.  Sure enough it was Cock Pheasant that met with windshield of a car some time over the weekend.  The breast and underside of the bird was destroyed.  The wings and tail feathers looked good so I clipped them. Now I need to do is to pick-up some Boraxo and clean meat off.  The tail is on the short side but has good long fibers.