Saturday, April 24, 2010

Opening Day and Pentax W90

This year I decided to purchase a Pentax W90 to take with me while fishing.  I love my Nikon D200 and Canon G9, but it's a lot to lug around.  I used the G9 with a underwater housing, which works great, but it's bulky.  So far the W90 is turning out to be a good light rugged fishing camera, the noise level is acceptable but no where near my other cameras.  On the plus side it shoots 720p video which looks good.

It was a good opening day and the camera performed well.

Rainbow taken on Jersey Anglers "Pink Czech Nymph".

 Underwater shot with the Pentax W90

Rainbow taken on a "Tan UV Caddis."

 Brown taken on a "Ice Pheasant Tail."

 Smile for the camera.

  Smile for the camera take 2.

 Smile for the camera take 3.


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