Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diving into Tenkara

I purchased my first Tenkara rod and line from TenkaraUSA.com.  The Jersey Angler turn me on to this traditional Japanese fly fishing method.  It's a great way of delivering your flies to the fish and loads of fun.

Fishing "Tenkara" only requires only a rod and line, much like in Izaak Walton's time. In The Compleat Angler.

 Piscator said to Venator:

"And I will then give you direction for the making and using of your flies: and
in the meantime, there is your rod and line; and my advice is, that you
fish as you see me do, and let's try which can catch the first fish". 

You'll can see from the engraving below no reel.

       "Izaak Walton and his scholar" 

by American illustrator Louis John Rhead (1857-1926).
Wood engraving.

This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division under the digital ID cph.3b34920


  1. Welcome aboard the Tenkara train. It's not going to replace your normal fly rod, but man, it's a blast!

  2. Troutrageous1,

    True it won't replace any rod, but it will become a great travel/backpacking rod. I think I'll keep it in the car with a selection of flies, for those times I'm driving around an say "was that a rise".

    Now I'll stop and break out the Tenkara and investigate.

    It's a blast The Jersey Angler got me hooked.

    Tight Lines.