Friday, July 30, 2010

Dragon Fly Nymph

Here is another pattern that follows my K.I.S.S. rule (Keep It Simple Stupid). It's a dead simple, and only requires 3 materials: marabou; wire; and micro dumbbell eyes.  It you tie it on a 4X or 6X long streamer hook its also a damsel fly imitation (make sure to keep the body narrow).  It works in still and moving water.  You'll want to tie some in black and olive.  It works well in a Czech nymph rig as the point fly.

Hook – TMC 200R
Size – 8-12
Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Brown
Head – 1/120 oz. Micro Lead Eyes
Tail and Body – Brown Marabou
Rib – .32 gauge Brown Parawire or Copper wire

1. Mash down barb and and create two thread humps for the dumb bell eyes.

  2. Secure your eyes with figure of eight and some superglue and tie in your wire.

3. Tie in marabou with 3 to 4 turns of thread.

4. Advance your thread to the eye of the hook.

5. Wrap your marabou forward and over the eyes.

 6.  Counter wrap your wire forward and tie off.

 7. Whip finish and your done.

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