Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Replacement.

I lost one of my favorite rod's in my divorce a few years back.  A Fenwick fiberglass fly rod.  My first fly rod was one I made when I was 17 from a yellow Fenwick Fenglass blank and single foot Fuji guides.  A real noodle stick, I still have it but haven't fished it in years.  Along the way I picked up a Fenwick fiberglass fly rod (now in the possession of my X).  So while on eBay I found a very clean Fenwick and pick-it up.  I have to give credit Cameron at "The Fiberglass Manifesto" who's blog I've been following and gotten me to thinking about replacing my old Fenwick.

 Original Tube showed some wear. 

But in side was a very clean fiberglass rod.
It looks like it was hardly used.

FF79 – 8' – 3 3/8 oz.  should through a 5wt quite nicely.


Feralite "Twist On - Twist Off.

Now I'd need to match it with a reel, may be a Pflueger or Martin.


  1. Ross reels are made here in my home town,, If you dont know them you should research em, I run em hard and you cant beat something that holds up to sand water and ice like that,,

    While fishing in 17 below last Christmas eve, I had an oops and dunked a 350 dollar reel in frigid water. pulled it out expecting it to be locked up tight. I pulled off the spool to the enjoyable sound of a perfect seal on the berrings making a sweet air tight suction noise. and all the parts were clean and dry.

    Later in the year the reel rolled out of the truck and bent the foot,,, I took it to the factory, they replaced the foot and went through the entire thing giving me a new drag system and main berring, just to take care of the customer.

    Sorry to hear your old hand made rod is in the wrong hands, One more question,,, is fenwick willing to work with you on a warrenty?

  2. A beautiful rod. Tough to loose your old rod like that but looks like u picked up a gem.

  3. An Orvis CFO or a Ross Colorado Click and Paw would be great. You would have to find the Colorado on ebay as it is not made anymore. One of the best reels of all time if you ask me.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Bigerrfish and Ryan Thanks. A Ross would look nice on it. I'll keep an eye out on eBay.

    I don't think Fenwick has lifetime warranty, but no worries there is always eBay.

    While she got the Fenwick, I kept my Powell and cane.