Monday, August 9, 2010

Making a better leech – "The Modeled Leech"

When I was out with my boys on a stream this past spring they found a leech while rooting around the bottom. Here is a shot of that leech.

Notice the modeling pattern, we all know woolly buggers make a great leech pattern. For years I've been palmering them with grizzly saddle hackle for that modeling effect.  Here is what I think is a better leech pattern and in keeping with the K.I.S.S rule I'm using very miminal materials.  Now every body of water will have different colored leech so tie this pattern in brown, olive, bright green and gray.

 Modeled Leech

                                        Hook – Mustad 79580 or any streamer hook
                                        Size – 4-12
                                        Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Olife
                                        Tail and Body – Olive Marabou
                                        Rib – .32 gauge Greem Parawire
                                        Head – Black Brass or Tungsten Bead
                                        Weight – .022 lead Wire

Mash down your barb and slip on bead.

Wrap your lead wire to the hook and push it towards the bead.

Tie in your wire.

Take a black Sharpie and model both side of one marabou feather.

Tie in your marabou feather with 5 or 6 wraps and advance your thread.

Wrap your marabou forward (counter clock wise)
and tie-off, then trimming the waist.

Advance your wire (clock wise) and tie-off.

Go in with your Sharpie and enhance the modeling.

Secure with a Whip finish and head cement.

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