Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tying with the Jersey Angler

By now many of you must have figured out that "The Jersey Angler" and I are friends.  We've know each since the 4th grade (far to long).  In that time we've been partners in fishing crimes through the U.S. and Canada.

So last weekend we took our boys out crabbing in Barnegat Bay down in Bayville, NJ‎ at Berkeley Island County Park.  Since we were to get up in the wee hours, we all meet up day before for dinner and some tying.

We didn't get down to Trixie's Landing as early as we would have liked so we went to the Berkeley Island Park in stead of renting boats.  It you'd like an account of the day go to The Jersey Angles post "In days bygone...."

While the crabbing was a bust we did managed to tie up some flies the night before while the boys were watching a movie.

This look came my way when I
made a comment about his vision.

Tying  a Super Ant.

"The Super Ant"

If you want to know more on the "Super Ant" visit The Jersey Angler's post "Super Ant"

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