Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall is the best time of the year.

While the Spring holds visions of mayflies on the wing and warmer days, I love Fall fishing for trout. The air and water is cooler and while the hatches are smaller the trout are hungrier. Whether it's to bulk-up for the winter or to have the energy to spawn they want to eat and are aggressive.

While out several days ago I hook up quite a few Brookies, Browns and Rainbow during the hour leading in to evening. My top produce was by far my CE Crayfish (Close Enough) followed by my The Modeled Leech. Both are great deep pocket water patterns, I fish them Euro-style casting up stream and lead them down stream with a tight line. I do impart action to the flies twitching my rod tip, jigging the flies across the bottom.

This Brookie smashed the CE Crayfish
Bulking up for the winter.
This Bow hammered the Modeled Leech.
Modeled Leech any one...


  1. Chubby and nicely colored. I agree, Fall is the best time.


  2. That first brookie is a pig! Very nice. I would be happy catching brookies all day long. Especially that size! =)

    fall is best,
    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. that is either a huge fish or a small net... great looking bow!!