Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It must be football season.

While we have to stock our NJ streams it's always nice to see and catch stream beard trout. Our water because of summer stream temperatures favor Brown Trout, but we do get natural reproduction of our native Brook Trout, Browns and Rainbow. Mind you we need colder temperatures for the Brookies and Rainbows.

So why it must be football season (American Football for those across the pond.), well the photo below should explain it all. This Rainbow one possible two years old that managed to survive predation and anglers. It's been a while since I caught one of the beauties.

Wild NJ "Football" Rainbow.


  1. Awesome how full that belly is, a good thing to see!

  2. I agree it's a great thing to see. It's a good reflection on the health of river and fishery.

  3. Might I say it...."TOUCHDOWN!" That guy's a little chunk. Really pretty fish. Love 'em when they're wild.

  4. I agree. Did a little small stream "football" fishing a few days ago and it was 'wild'. The chase is whats it about and the beauty of those wild fish are great.