Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swinging wet flies with the Jersey Angler

This weekend I managed to head out and fish (which has become a rare event) weekday seem to be the only time I can get out these days. By chance I hook-up with The Jersey Angler and group of friends who where doing it "old school",  fishing cane and swinging wet flies.  I joined then but without my cane for fear of getting wrangled in to yard work.

Here is The Jersey Angler breaking in his new cane rod built by Art Port a 7'9", 5 wt with a Garrison taper.  Despite the long line release on the first fish, the day was very productive, go to his Bamboo Day post to see the sweet bow he landed.

He handed me the rod at the end of the day and it cast's like a dream.  Here are two fill I took in the film.

This one took the a Black Starling

Here the Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle


  1. Read both posts, appears you guys had one heck of a day. That bamboo rod is a beaut, looks like you made a couple nice casts yourself.

  2. We did have a good day, good friend, fishing and weather. What more could you ask for?