Friday, November 5, 2010

New Jersey’s first Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year

As many may have read on The Jersey Angler's blog that he is participating in the New Jersey’s first Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year. This is a catch and release one fly" tournament held on South Branch of the Raritan River at the Raritan Inn Bed and Breakfast, Califon, NJ. The event is being sponsored by Hardy North America

Beside the One-Fly contest The day's events will include: Casting demonstrations; Entomology presentation; Reading the stream; Stream enhancement case studies and South Branch restoration plans; Fly tying; Bamboo rod construction; Streamside techniques; NJ fish habitats and a Silent auction to benefit NJ Trout Unlimited.

Well I wanted to do my part so I tied up 3 of my CE Crayfish for the The Jersey Angler for the one fly event.  Lets wish him all the luck and let his skill do the rest.

CE Crayfish for the The Jersey Angler 

I'd met up with The Jersey Angler this after noon where I presented him with the flies and a discription of the water he was going to fish (I've fished that private streath in with my boys).

I plan on attending, photographing and filming the event. Conditions look good for him to do well with the CE Crayfish, a good soaking rain on Thursday and off color water today.  The levels should be good for taking some nice fish tomorrow.

Again lets wish him all the best.

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