Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Jersey’s First Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year Contest

The New Jersey’s First Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year Contest took place on November 6, 2010 at the Raritan Inn Bed & Breakfast, Califon, NJ.  The contest was held on the Inn’s mile of private waters on the South Branch of the Raritan River.  Each New Jersey chapter of Trout Unlimited and three Watershed Associations, the Upper Raritan, Musconetcong and South Branch select one angler each to participate.  A total of 13 participants headed out on a beautiful fall day.  After the morning round three anglers emerged as the point leaders. Bart Lombardo of Central Jersey TU was leader fishing the CE Crayfish pattern next was Keith Bologno representing the Uppper Raritan Watershed and finally Bill Silvia from Ken Lockwood TU landed an 18" Rainbow in the final minutes. 

After lunch the three anglers set off for the final round.  Bart’s best fish of the afternoon was disqualified because the fish threw the hook, and then was re-hooked in the dorsal fin. As time ran out Keith Bologno was the leader, but in the last minutes Bill Silvia tied Keith with a 21" Rainbow creating a dramatic tie.  The judges Jim Holland, Brian Cowden, and Don Tredski  determined to end the tie with a fish-off.  It took an epic two and a quarter hours to end the tie, with may fish hooked but not landed. Until Bill Silvia landing an 18" rainbow to capture the honors of 2010 NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year. 

The 2010 Contestants:

Hacklebarney Chapter -  Rich Tullo;
East Jersey Chapter - Bruce Seiden;
Fred Boroughs Chapter - Susan Reed;
Ridge and Valley - Tim Johnston;
Ken Lockwood - Bill Silvia ;
Central Jersey - Bart Lombardo;
Ray Neirle Chapter - Steve Moody;
Jersey Shore - John Clark;
Rahway River - Chris Martino;
Ernest Schwiebert Chapter - Angelo Conti;
Upper Raritan Watershed - Keith Bologno;
South Branch Watershed - Fred Puelle;
Musconetcong Watershed - Stewart Shafran;
NJ TU State Council - August Gudmundsson;

Sponsored by Hardy North America.

A very special thanks needs to be given to Bill Asdal of the  Raritan Inn Bed & Breakfast for hosting the event and dinner and Jim Holland of Shannons Fly and Tackle, Califon, NJ.

Here is movie of Bart (a.k.a The Jersey Angler) during the final round.


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  1. Very cool. Thanks for the report and congrats to Bart on the strong finish.