Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Cabin Pottery Surprise Delivery

While out at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show there was a coffee mug I wanted from Red Cabin Pottery, but when I went to there booth to purchase they were sold out.  We traded contact info and told them I'd be in touch to pick-up the Brook Trout mug, as you might gather it totally slipped my mind.

So I was totally surprised today when on my door step was a box (I didn't order anything), I was in a daze what could it be.  The name on the box did not ring any bells. Scratching my head I was wondering what could it be?  Wait look there is a packing slip, and it clicked when I was Red Cabin Pottery (Denver, coffee mug).  Surprise again, not one but three mugs, a Brook, Rainbow and Brown mug.  Now wait I didn't pay for them in Denver, a gift?  I could not find an invoice so I'm thinking gift. I have to say the folks at Red Cabin Pottery are a class act. 

So what could I do but to say thanks the folks at Red Cabin Pottery on the blog. 

Red Cabin Pottery THANK YOU!!!

Red Cabin Pottery Mugs


Brook Trout


Red Cabin Pottery
Red Cabin Pottery ceramics are manufactured by Jersey Pottery located on a small Island of Jersey off the coast of France using Czech porcelains.  With watercolors by Richard Bramble of Great Britain.

Portions of all sales go towards conservation through Trout Unlimited.

Red Cabin Pottery is located in Texas, for more info go to their web site or contact them via email at
or by phone at (877) 540-2643. 

If your looking for a gift for your angler, I'd recommend you visit Red Cabin Pottery.

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