Monday, December 13, 2010

Classic Wet Flies Class with Don Bastian

I've known Don Bastian for 10+ years. He’s recognized as one of the best nymph fishers in the states and an authority on Ray Bergman.

Don has been tying wet flies for 45 years and has contributed to Paul Schmookler’s 1999 book, Forgotten Flies, DVDs - Classic Wet Flies and Traditional Streamers & Bucktails, and the magazine, Hatches. His blog is Don Bastian Wet Flies.

On February 11 – 13, 2011, he's hosting a class at Fishing Creek Angler Fly Shop & Bed & Breakfast.

Classic Wet Flies Fly Tying Class

You can learn about wings, such as: quill, mixed, married, herl, and flank feather, Don’s proprietary wingquill method, materials and techniques for working with floss, tinsel, wing quills, goose shoulder, and other materials, plus proper proportions, material selection, grading, and working around and through any fly tying problems.

You can kick back and relax at the B&B with informal tying sessions, your favorite libations and home-cooked meals.

The package price is $325.00, based on double-occupancy, which includes room tax, dinner on Friday and Saturday and full breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation.

Fishing Creek Angler Fly Shop & Bed & Breakfast

314 St. Gabriel’s Road Benton PA 17814 570-925-2709

Below are a dozen files my boys picked out from Ray Bergman’s Trout (1938), tied by Don in 2008. The close-ups are some of my favorites.

A Selection of Wet Flies for Bergman’s Trout
Sliver Doctor
Bergman Fontinalis


  1. I'm thinking about heading out there for the class. You interested?

  2. Yes, I'm interested in going. I'll check my schedule to see if it works. It would be great to see Don.