Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grip and Grin

It's not offend that when I'm fishing with a buddy that they are near by to take a shot on a nice fish.  Most of the time it's fumbling with the camera, trying to be a "Trout Whisperer", and warming cold hands to move.  So it's nice to get a shot of myself with an nice "Brown".

I've managed the grip but still need work on the grin.
Now Rick got them both, and yes he was fishing Tenkara.
The normal shot I use when you buddy is up river.

It's hard to know when the Trout is out if the scene with out going for a swim.


  1. Very nice job out of the both of you. I probably wouldn't be smiling if I caught a nice brown like that either, my mouth would wide open in disbelief!

  2. Smile dude, that's a pig! Nice fish.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. I never smile so i have a hard time taking good photos... Its always nice though to have someone to take a photo!

  4. Nice job on the fish and that's a sweet looking Brown trout.