Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Turkey and Trout weekend

Thanksgiving is over and here are some post highlights of my weekend adventures with my boys. Friday was an recovery day from Thursday's food and family.  Both boys want to go fishing so we headed out on Saturday and Sunday.  Both boys were cold until the first fish was on the line, Zach landed a trophy Smallmouth (I'd say it was  2 1/2 pounds), and I've never caught one over 1 pound class.  His brother who wanted to go moments before now wanted to stay.  David managed to hook several fish but got none to the net.  I told him to blame the gillie, a.k.a. dad.  Before we left Zach managed a to land a Brown Trout.  In the car the boys were planning Sunday's trip, the spots, flies and time we should fish.

Trophy Bronzeback
Colorful Brown Trout to end the day.

Sunday wasn't any warmer than Saturday but the fishing was hotter.

David with a nice Rainbow

Nice Brown Zach.
NICE 22" Bow Zach!!!
Not to be out done by his older brother David landed this 20+ Bow.
The day ended when Zach hooked a monster screamed line off the reel and broke off after the first run.  The sun was about to set so we decided to headed home for dinner.


  1. Wow, nice Rainbows. That will be a hard day to beat. Congratulations guys.


  2. Giant bows Zach and David, nice job! I also like seeing the smallie, thats cool...

  3. great post,, and congrats David and Zack on the 20+r's