Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sad News: Little Lehigh Fly Shop to close on December 20th

While checking my news feeds this Sunday morning I came across some sad news.

The Little Lehigh Fly Shop is closing after 17 years. Rod Rohrbach the owner said to the Allentown, PA The Morning Call "Business has been bad" and he is planning to move out west where his three sons live.

Starting on December 3rd the shop will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays only. There last day of operations will be December 20, and everything will be 50% off. No credit cards, no checks.

Rod you and your shop will be missed.


  1. A sign of the times? Read the other day that the Reno Fly Shop has hit hard times and is closing too.


  2. That is sad. Despite living in PA have never been there. Will have to change that before the 20th. Too little too late though.

  3. It is a sign of the times. I myself have not been there as much as I did in the past.

  4. I spent about an hour in there digging through bins on Friday. there are definitely some great deals to be had. he has a ton of stuff crammed in that place. I usually stopped in there at least once a week for a leader or some thread, but i think only a handful of people spending 5-10 bucks a week wasnt enough to keep him going. the guy running the shop on Friday said that they had made more cash that day than in the last 3 months combined.