Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hot Bead Pheasant Tail

Over the holiday the Jersey Angler and I got together for some tying, chili, and fish stories.

Here is a pattern I worked up which is another variation on the beloved Pheasant Tail nymph. The hook is the biggest variation, I trying out Mustad's Demon Circle Hook (here in a size 8). The Mustad 39951 BLN (Black Nickel Finish) was introduced in 2004 as a general purpose saltwater baitfishing hook but the demand for this hook as a Czech Nymphing hook prompted Mustad to introduce the hook in sizes 8 and 10. In keeping with Euro-Nymph fly design I'm keeping the nymph very slim.  I like the wide hook gap, and the profile you can create.

Hot Bead Pheasant Tail

Size – 8 -10 Mustad Demon Circle Hook 1X Fine Wire (Ref# 39951BLN)
Thread – 8/0 Dark Brown
Head – Tungsten Bead 2.3mm (Fluorescent Orange)
Thorax – Jan Siman’s Peacock Bronze
Body – Pheasant tail
Tail – Pheasant tail
Rib – Copper wire


  1. tying, chili, and fish stories oh my

    sounds like a man day

  2. Blake,

    It was a real man day even for our boy's, who where playing on the video games on the PS3.

  3. Have you used those hooks much? what do you think of the set? I have found that you cant "set" with that hook or you take it.
    you have to wait until the fish swims off and let that circle circle back into the lip.
    Just curious as to how you take a strike while using that hook?

  4. Kierran, thanks.

    Biggerrfish, I'm sure, these are the first flies I tying on these hooks. I got them from Mustad to demo. I don't think I have to change my set to much. I nymph Czech/Polish style with a tight line and moving the flies. I find out the next time I out.

  5. It does look like a killer and a nice looking variation for a change of pace. Nice fly!