Friday, February 11, 2011

BE ON ALERT! Thieves Targeting Colorado Fly Shops.

Colorado Fly Shops be on the alert.  On February 4, 2011 Angling Trade published news that a well-orchestrated group of of thieves are targeting Colorado fly shops.  The shops
hit thus far: Laughing Grizzly, Angler’s All, Charlie’s Fly Box, Trout’s Fly Shop, Orvis Cherry Creek, and Rocky Mountain Anglers. These thefts occurred February 2-3, 2011.

Now the Daily Camera reports "Boulder police look for fly fishing-rod thieves" and Boulder's Rocky Mountain Anglers was add to the list. In all the cases it the suspects look to be two couples, of Middle Eastern or Latin in appearance.  "The suspects appear to be 20 to 30 years old and of Middle Eastern descent, according to Stewart. They drove a maroon or dark Volkswagen Jetta with Illinois license plates."  Source: Daily Camera.  Angling Trade reported "a maroon passenger van with an Illinois license plate # K714 248 was used by the suspects."

This is a photo of a possible suspect.
Source: Angling Trade
Anyone with information on the suspects can call Boulder police detectives at 303-441-3330.
I know from my stats page there are lots of readers (and friends) in Colorado so get the word out.

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  1. Any updates? I've been checking motels in the Louisville area. I sure would like to hear that they've been located.