Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fontinalis Fin

Fontinalis Fin

Hook – Mustad 3399
Size – 6 - 12
Tail – White
Rib – Flat Silver Tinsel
Body – Orange Wool or Floss
Hackle – Furnace
Wing – Married Orange, dark slate and white

The Fontinalis Fin is an imitation of a clipped brook trout fin (a.k.a. bait). This version is from Bergman, R. Trout (1938) and is tied with an orange wool body.

Start off with a white thread base.

Tie in your tail.

Tie in your orange wool or silk and silver rib.

Wind forward your wool or silk.

Wrap forward your rib in 5 open wraps and whip finish.

Tie in black tread and hackle by tip.

Wrap hackle 2-3 turns and with your thumb nail push fiber down.

Marry your quill fibers place on top of hook shank and secure.

Trim waist at a 45 and build your head and whip finish.