Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of "Fish Like a Guide - The Rules" By George Douglas

My marked up copy of
Fish Like a Guide - The Rules

Fish Like a Guide - The Rules
By George Douglas

Elizabeth Douglas, the Marketing Director at Kype Fishing Magazine asked if I would review George's latest book, “Fish Like a Guide - The Rules.”  I said yes and shortly there after a copy was at my door.  It sat on my desk for a good two weeks before was able to devote the proper time to read and review his book. 

Straight away I like his direct and simple prose.  He follows the K.I.S.S. rule, avoiding overly complicated examples, and strikes a good balance between the rules and the stories that bring out the importance of the rules.  His book is intuitive, instructive and a pleasure to read.  His common sense rules will help you become a successful fisher. 

The book starts out with preparing for your day’s fishing, and lets face it most of the time we don’t prepare at all, we just head out.  For example know your knots before you head out on the water.  When is the last time you practiced your knots?  You wished you did when you need to change flies or tippet in low light and fish rising all around.

You’ll learn where to fish, which starts before you head out the door, how to approach the water and adjust to the conditions. The meat of book is in Chapter 6 “The Rules” (there are rules throughout).   One of the best rules in this section is in the section “Keep Your Line Wet” which is some think most anglers forget, they spend to much time untangling a leader when replacing it is faster.

In the gear section it starts with the most important items your clothing.  Staying dry and warm equals more focused time on the water.  When it comes to fighting fish George does not just focuses on steering and turning a fish but the proper method of reviving you trophy before release.

In my honest opinion Fish Like a Guide - The Rules, By George Douglas will advance your skills as a fisher making your next outing more productive and enjoyable. I highly recommed adding it to your fishing library.

Lou DiGena
Fly and Fin

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In ful disclosure Kype Magazine and I exchange links and I promote the magazine on my side bar (no compensation is given for this promotion).  This is my honest review of Fish Like a Guide - The Rules By George Douglas.


  1. hmmm. I wonder how many of us they gave the book to for review?
    This is the third blogger I know of.

  2. I know Jersey Angler received a copy. It makes scenes to me to get reviews from bloggers when you're self publishing.