Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tying Classic Wet Flies with Don Bastian

Flies tied by yours truly at Don Bastian Classic Wet Fly Class
This passed weekend I had the opportunity to learn how to tie winged wet flies with one of the best wet fly tiers out there, Don Bastian. 

The Jersey Angler
and I headed out to Fishing Creek Angler Fly Shop and Bed & Breakfast in Benton, PA for a weekend for tying to learn how to marry wings and the techniques to tie classic winged wet flies.  I have to say straightaway it's one of the best class I've taken. I don't know any one who comes close to Don's knowledge of Ray Bergman, and Classic Wet flies.

First the accommodation at Fishing Creek Angler Fly Shop and Bed & Breakfast were first class, Lee and Mary Ann are marvelous host.  Second, the food was out standing, from Mary Ann's lasagna,  Lee's grilled steaks, and not to mention the cheese cake.  Second, the fly shop, Fishing Creek Angler is a full service fly shop, and Lee had all the materials on hand for the class and then some.  Next, the instructor, Don is a great teacher and a authority on traditional wet flies, he was generous in sharing his knowledge and materials. Finally, the students, why the students you might ask, because we were all hard core, we stared early and finished late which meant we covered a lot of techniques.

I learn a lot from Don's class and I'm going to incorporate these techniques and flies into my repertoire.  If you ever get the chance to take one of Don's classes all I have to say is do it.  Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Don and a few Plates for Bergman's "Trout"
All 10 Plates tied by Don
Plate No. 1
My messy tying area (just like home).
Students hard at work.
Don applying the final touches on a fly.


  1. Hey Lou:
    Thanks for doing this nice write-up and review of the class last weekend! Can I just do a cut-and-paste of this to my site? Ha! Seriously, thanks for coming, and I am glad you enjoyed it!
    By the way, your flies look great in that set up shot! Is that how many we tied?
    Don Bastian

  2. I did a class with Don a few years ago up in Maine and it was intense and a real pleasure. Great article and a nice batch of flies.


  3. Don, feel free to use any thing you want. I had a great time in the class. We tied all but two, the Hudson and Lead Wing, were tied in between. I wanted to nail down setting the wings in place. Again thanks for a great class.

  4. Lou, Don is coming to do a class for our club (Penobscot Fly Fishers) in Brewer Maine on March 26. Do you mind if I include your wonderful write up on our website?
    Sounds like you had a great time!

  5. By all means, please include my write up to promote the class.