Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally a Day on the Water - NOT

It's been a cold long winter here in the east.  Finally, the temperatures rose and the snow started to melt, but than came the rains.  Because it was so cold for so long and the melt was slow the streams are in great shape.  The ground water seems to be recharged and I thought I could get out, but then the rains came.

Flood stage is at 10' the USGS gauge
read 9.8' when I took this photo.

Sunny day, temperatures in the high forties, but way am I going to get my flies on the bottom and forget fishing the edges.  Too boot there is more rain on the way I'm crossing my fingers that I can squeeze in some time before the next storm. I love to have water in the system, but I've got cabin fever.

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  1. Ummm, chocolate milk. Is this normal for you guys? It seems like it's been a strange winter, weather-wise.