Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Racquet River--"Adirondacks"

Published by Currier & Ives, [between 1840 and 1880]
Here is another print from the Library of Congress's digital collection that I found while a while back.  As winter loosens it's grip on the east I start getting the itch to head out and wet a line.

The last rain storm has put a cramp in my plans to head out (only for a day or two), but my mind is wondering on where I want to fish this year.  Here is one of the places on my list the Racquet River in Upstate NY.  In the past I've gone up to the to fish the St. Lawrence River every May (before kids) to fish for Northern Pike but never made it to the Racquet River, maybe this year.

I did clean up the image removing the some of the patina but a water make remains.



  1. Would be nice if you could fine the exact spot, and take the same pic today??

  2. Yes, and I think it's possible. The mountain in the back ground is distinct enough that one might find the same spot.