Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wet Spring

First my apologies for not posting as often as I usually do, life, holidays and taxes made this April a bear of a month.

Here in the east we are having a very wet and until recent cool spring.  This shouldn't be taken as a complaint, because so far this is a good water year (I hope it keeps going through July).  However with all the rain the stream has put the local rivers at high level some times even unsafe levels to wade.  Keeping me off the water on some days.  On the other hand the fish are healthy and on the bite.  With the weather as it's been I've not gotten out for some dry fly action, but nymphing is producing.

Rather than talking about the flies, technique, and what's been producing I'm going to let the photographs tell the story.



  1. what size was that fly you where fishing? AMAZING pictures

  2. Dustin,

    It's a 1/64 Jig Heads about a size 12.


  3. Wow those are some beautiful fish. Great pics too. I like the last pic of the torn up fly. You know your having a good day fishing when your fly slowly starts to disappear. NICE jOB

  4. Great pics of some awesome fish. Congrats on making the best of the wet spring we've been having.

    Thanks for sharing.

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