Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bill Skilton ties "Bill's Hellgrammite"

Filmed at the International Fly Tiers Symposium, Fly and Fin presents Bill Skilton ties his "Bill's Hellgrammite"

Many know Bill Skilton for his foam patterns using the unique materials he’s developed. Bill is an all-around fly tier, fisher and entrepreneur. He raises is chickens for hackle (personal use), develops new fly tying materials, and maintains an eight acre of pond with huge blue-gills, large catfish, large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass, and, best of all, hybrid stripers, which he rents it out to fly-fishing groups. He guided the streams of Central PA, like Yellow Breeches, Letort and the under-appreciated Susquehanna River.

Bill is wonderful instructor who as you’ll share’s all his knowledge and the “why” behind it all.

He also runs and operates USA-Flies (http://www.billskilton.com/) where you can buy all his materials.

He gives fly-tying demonstrate and is a featured tier at the International Fly Tying Symposium. His Hellgrammite pattern catches everything from bluegills, bass and trout.


  1. thats a healthy dose of lead, that fly is sure to get down there'

  2. that is a beast! Gonna need to order some materials now