Monday, May 9, 2011

Rag Bug takes it First Victim.

Crane flies are starting to pop around here in the east.  Crane flies are in most river system's and the larva are abundant. Crane fly larva come range in sizes from a size 16 all the way up to an 8 and are a large meal to any trout.

Crane Fly Larva from wikipedia.
There are many patterns that work well to imitate this abundant food source.  The first and foremost is Frank Sawyers Killer Bug. To see how it's tied one I recommend Tying Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug with Davie McPhail on YouTube. The Killer Bug uses Chadwick 477 which is almost impossible to find. Veniard sells a fine substitute (See Killer Bug Yarn post).  I also found some old craft yard which looks like it will do the job as well (See Possible Chadwick 477 Substitute), but I've not tried it to date.

Another great Crane fly larva imitation is Walt Young's Walt's Worm.  The Jersey Angler has a great post Sometimes Simple is Best... Walt's Worm.

So what to do if you can't fine or wait for Veniard 477 order to ship, well you can do what I did.  Go to your wardrobe and fine an old Rag Wool sweater (one that shrunk or in my case, doesn't fit my fat ass). Cut out a good size piece and pull apart the fibers and tie my Rag Bug.

Here is the Rag Bug's first victim. 

This Hen slammed the Rag Bug.

Smile for the camera.
Here is a valuable tip, If you don't tie take or can't wait take any Hare's Ear nymph and with your nippers cut way the wing case and tail any you'll have a very effect Crane fly larva pattern.  I've done this many time when I lost my last Walt's Worm while fishing.


  1. Phil's fly on the video is awesome! So simple but I bet it is a killer! Thanks for posting

  2. Simple fly... big rewards!