Thursday, August 18, 2011

Damsels, Trout and Grayling

In Yellowstone country there are many great rivers to fish for trout, but there are many great lakes, other than Yellowstone Lake. These lakes require you to hike in a few miles, most have well groomed trails, but make sure you have your bear spray while in the back country (see The Jersey Angler's post "Brookies and Bears").

These high mountain are have many insects, Callibaetis, Damsels, as well as Caddis.  The hatch can be tremendous, and if your there at the right time you'll have a glorious day.  Well that's just what happen on our hike to a undisclosed lake in Yellowstone country with Grayling. (There is only one lake in Yellowstone country with Grayling*.)

On pattern that worked splendidly, was my K.I.S.S. Damsel, it's simple, extremely fast to tie and works everywhere there are Damsels.

K.I.S.S. Damsel

Hook: Nymph hook 4x long (200R*)
Size 8 - 12
Thread: Olive
Tail:Olive Marabou
Body: Olive Marabou
Rib: Gold Wire
Head: Tungsten Bead sized to hook
* I've found 200R hooks with a bead ride hook point up.

Slide bead on to the hook and attach thread.
Tie in wire rib.
Tie in Olive Marabou and form a short tail.
Wrap the marabou forward and tie off.
Counter wrap your wire forward and secure with several wraps.
Whip finish and your Damsel nymph is completed.

While in West Yellowstone we (Jersey Angler, Rick and I) would tie up some of the patterns we would use the next day.

Tying session in the cabin.
This Rainbow smashed the K.I.S.S. Damsel
Greyling takes the Damsel
*The undisclosed lake is name at the end of the video.


  1. Nice damsel. I also have them in unweighted. The reason is at times on lakes they seem to all be in the top layers, and the trout can be very difficult at this time. An unweighted nymph can really work when fished very , very slow in the top inch or so of water?

  2. Flyfishermanrichard,

    Thanks, a weightless version would be a great addition. I also tie the pattern in brown, which works just as well.