Monday, September 26, 2011

Pheasant Tail Anchor to the Rescue

Many readers know The Jersey Angler and I are friend's and we go out west and fish together quite often.  While in West Yellowstone this summer we'd tied up a few flies.  One of the pattens I'd tied up during one of our evening tying session was his Pheasant Tail Anchor (click to load his post).  It's been hard getting out fishing because of the  crazy high water.  Hurricane Irene and few tropical storms have flooded and kept our stream over flowing. 

The river I fish, fishes best around 150 cubic feet per second not the 250-300 it's been running.  I did manged to wet a line the other day, mainly to see what Hurricane Irene did to the stream.  Many of the pools and runs I know well have all changed.  It's like fishing a new river.

The water was high and moving but thanks to the Pheasant Tail Anchor and that over-sized  disco tungsten bead, I did well.  The fly sinks like a rock on steroid, ticking the bottom every time.  They worked so well I lost everyone I had in my box. Luckily I'd tied some up with standard tungsten beads. Now I'll need to stock up on those disco bead

Here are a few of the fish taken on that day.


  1. I have been fishing these since Jersey Angler did that post and catching fish.

  2. High flows are the training grounds for the versatile angler. Well done!