Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Results of the 2nd Annual NJ FLY FISHERMAN of the YEAR

As The Jersey Angler said in his recent post "He Could Have Been a Contender...", well I was a contender.  All kidding aside, I recommend reading his post.

The New Jersey Fly Fisherman of the Year competition is the brain child of Bill Asdal owner of the the Raritan Inn Bed & Breakfast, Shannon's Fly & Tackle Shop and New Jersey Trout Unlimited (NJTU). 

The 2011 Contestants:
  • Hacklebarney Chapter -  Jeff Kurt;
  • East Jersey Chapter - Paul Reithmeir;
  • Fred Boroughs Chapter - Warren Weglinski;
  • Ridge and Valley - Fredy DeLeon;
  • Ken Lockwood - Bill Silvia ;
  • Central Jersey - Lou DiGena (a.k.a. Fly and Fin);
  • Ray Neirle Chapter - Bob Powel;
  • Jersey Shore - Bob Simpson;
  • Rahway River - Mike Appello;
  • Ernest Schwiebert Chapter - Angelo Conti;
  • Headwaters Raritan  - Bill Kibler;
  • Musconetcong Watershed - Stewart Shafran.

It was a cold morning, 28º F at the start of the event, a low 50º F by the final round.  Each participant drew a number which gave them times and beats to fish. Each fisher had two beats to fish in the morning.  The 3 top scorers would advance to the finals.

The first beat for was was slow - only one 14.75" Rainbow. This gave me 20 points for the first session.  The second morning session was much better.  I hooked 4 fish and landed 2. This  gave me an additional 38 points to put me in second place.

Official Score Board

Warren Weglinski was in first.  I was second, and Angelo Conti was in third.

In the final session, the points from the morning didn't rollover like last year's and the fishing was slow.  We all rotated through the same three 20-minute beats. Warren was the only one to hook and land a Rainbow in the first rotation, worth 14 points. We all went fish-less in the second session.  In the last session with around 5 minutes left, I hook and landed a 13" Brookie worth 18.2 points.  Around the same time my fish was landed, Angelo hooked and landed a 19" Rainbow worth 19 points.  With that, he won the 2nd Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the year for 2011.

Here's a shameless video shot of "me only" during the event.  

It was truly a fun event.  I'd like to thank all the judges, Bill, Shannon's and NJTU for all their hard work.

Thank you,

Fly and Fin


  1. Lou, great work thanks for the update. Congratulations on your finish. Any particular flies sucessful or are they "secret" flies? Donato

  2. Lou, one more comment, Based on the scoreboard , it appears that even top anglers can be "skunked". I feel there pain.
    There is hope for me yet.