Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fishing With My Two Unique Boys - What's a Dad to do?

Even though it was cold out, my older son still wanted to go fishing.  My younger son wasn't wholeheartedly into the idea.  What's a Dad to do?

I put on my thermals. The boys dressed in layers and packed a spare set of cloths, just in case.  While no one went for a swim, there where cold feet and hands.  This put a limit on the time we could fish, but as long as there was action, no one asked to go home.

With rain levels spiked, the 100cfs streams were at 300cfs.  At 300cfs, my home stream is  challenging to fish and next to impossible for the boys. We ended up fishing the banks - no stream crossings.  While it was cold and high, the fishing was good.  Together we netted 6 rainbows, 1 brown...long line released a monster.

Both boys were happy in varying degrees, and I'm sure we'll be heading out again soon.

One happy lad.

Boy my hands are cold.

Cold + Egg = Rainbow

Bow on a rock worm.

They liked the rock worms.

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  1. Awesome. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to fish without constant supervision.