Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fishing with Matt

Finally, after juggling our schedules, Matt Grobert and I final got out fishing this past weekend.

You may know Matt from the The Star Ledger's Fly Fishing column.  His work also includes:
Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams, published in 2008; Caddis Chronicles, a blog -  "A celebration of the well-chewed fly."  He's also ties patterns at the International Fly Tiers Symposoum, the Fly Fishing Show (NJ), Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon.  He's also featured on video at Tightline Productions.

Matt chronicled our trip in his Short Report post of December 4th.  I don't have much to add other than the photos and comments below.

It was a cold morning, but warm for December - low to mid 40's.  It always feels colder when your feet are in 42-degree water.  It was even colder for Matt.  He left his thermals home and his waders had a leak.  (It's safe to say Matt's leg and foot never warmed up until he got home.)

The water was high, clear and cold, but fishing was good.  Matt took his fish with a bead head Bird's Nest, LaFontaine Sparkle Emerger, and one on Walt's Worm.  I, on the other hand, was Czech nymphing and took most of my fish on a my "big and ugly" variation of Hans Stephenson's "Bomb".   It was a good day; we both got into fishing.

Matt fishing down and across.

Mat with an nice bow.

Fish on.

To the net.

Czech rig and bow.

"big and ugly"

Good day with Fly and Fin


  1. They wouldn't look at anything bigger than 22 on Monday, Caught a bow in the gorge on a 22 midge larvae, and refusal after refusal on anything larger....tough day.

  2. Matt was fishing flies in size 16 - 18 range. My anchor fly is a size 8. Go figure.

  3. Mr. Q - see Caddis Chronicles

    Lou - It was a very good day despite the cold. The Bomb, is really a Bomb! I don't know if I could bring myself to tie on fly that big in NJ! It does work in Lou's hands, and that's all that matters. Thanks, Lou!

  4. Fly and Fin, I could have been me.....not the size of the fly. What is that they say about fishing? A fool on one end and......