Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Signs of Fishing Pressure...

No matter where you go, there's always fishing pressure on our streams. We all want the rivers to ourselves.  Let’s face it, that doesn’t always happen. We have to share. While out fishing last week, I had a good day Czech nymphing.  However, I did come upon signs of another fisher working the water ahead of me.

This very stealthy character should have been heading south. Yet, like the geese, it's now a resident fisher in NJ. You might have guessed by now. I'm referring to a Great Blue Heron. I'm seeing more and more these days, well into the winter. It seems they'll stay as long as there's open water and food.

The Great Blue Heron is a marvelous fisher and we can all learn from them. You can increase your catches if you simply wade and dress like them. While they are great fishers, they do miss some from time to time. Here's a freshly wounded rainbow (ouch!). Maybe too big or too deep...but this one got away. Mind you, it kept on feeding and took my anchor fly.

Freshly wounded Rainbow.

Looks like it just happened (less than a day).


  1. neat story... Ya know its amazing how long a sore will stay open like that on a fish... Most times it doesnt heal at all and looks like that months later... Usually a parasite will find that little hole and kill the fish... Its all about that protective slime..

  2. A Great Blue Heron, Stealth Costume. A novel idea. Wonder if we could market them? Forget it, once you do that, then everybody will want pelican and cormorant ones too. It was a good thought.


  3. Biggerfish, yea parasites most likely kill that fish. Got to protect the slime, always wet those hands.

  4. Shoreman, Funny, it was a good thought, but then Steven Tyler may pick up on this and start a new trend of feathered suits.

  5. A drop of Nash Medicarp Ultra on that wound would give the fish a lot more chance of survival.

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