Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tenkara is not Dapping

Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA demonstrates and teaches Tenkara casting techniques at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show.  Ask you can seen in this video Tenkara involves casting not lowering your fly in to the water (dapping). 

In order to dap (traditionally) you need wind to position the fly on the water and help make the fly bob on the surface.  In Tenkara you are casting in much the same way you cast a western fly rod.  The difference is you have a fixed amount of line.  With that fixed line you can deliver your fly with pin point accuracy, something you can't do when you "dap."


  1. Very cool! Many thanks for putting the video together! Turned out very stable. Well done.
    It was a pleasure meeting you there, hope we can fish together this year!


  2. Daniel, your welcome I'm sure we'll get a chance to fish together soon.