Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter Fishing So Far...

This winter is great, if you don't like snow. We've started this winter with a charged river system, which translates into higher than normal river levels. Since this fall and early winter the amount of rain and snow is off, resulting now in lower than normal steam levels. Historically, my home river, the South Branch of Raritan, should be at 110 to 140 cubic feet per second. Now the river is at 83 cubic feet per second. Here in the east we don't rely on the snow pack, but in the west it's still important. It's important for many of the same reasons anywhere else in the world. The main reason is the slow and steady release of cold-water help charges ground water without massive runoff.

Why, you might ask, is this important. Well in one word - hatches. These levels, coupled with the warm spring-like weather we've been having in the east, are likely to affect the spring hatches. It may only mean a day or two, but when you're trying to time your day on the water, it means a lot. Since the spring hatches are some time off it many not matter much if we get our normal spring rain.

For right now I've been enjoying the spring-like weather in the middle of the winter. February is usually our coldest month and everyone has a bad case of cabin fever. Not this February, here are some shots from this winter's outings.

Let's see if March marches in like a Lion, so far it's more like a YouTube kitten.
Here are some of the fish I've taken this winter.

Rainbow taken on the my Anchor Caddis
Fat Brown...
Ice Pheasant Tail Jig...
Happy Angler!
Winter Brown...
Ice Pheasant Tail Jig strikes again...
Nice Brown...
Long and lean...


  1. That one brown is massive. Nice job.

    It's definitely been an odd winter. The dry fly fishing has been great. I've came across tons of oddball hatches in the last three weeks. I cant believe I'm seeing strong caddis hatches this early.

  2. Very nice browns... Roughly where are you located? Enjoying your blog, nicely done!

    1. Doug, thanks I'm located in NJ, central west portion of the state. These fish are from the South Branch of the Raritan, "The Gorge". Plenty of bears, and snakes, but not the kind that will eat or poison you.