Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crane Fly time, and the one that got away.

Now that Hendrickson and Grannom hatches are behind us now it's the slow time before the next super hatch "Sulfurs."

There are plenty of bugs on the water tan, olive and black caddis, but the Crane flies are starting to hatch.  For me that's when I go back to nymphing and fish a Walt's worm, Sawyer's Killer Bug or my K.I.S.S. Crane fly larva.  One thing I've noticed is that there are no subtle takes, more like a Bullet train.

The Bullet train story I have is of one that got away.  I hooked a monster brown I'd estimate 24" plus, no wait I think it was 30" plus.  Either way it was a good brown with shoulders that hit hard and I was running me up and down the pool.  I'd lost him when during the fight a 16" Rainbow took my top dropper went one way and the Brown went the other.  The train derailed and I was left with smaller fish was at the end of my line.  The expletives flew, and I was cursing what was a respectable Rainbow, because it blew my chance at the fish of the day.  Why was I not fishing 20 lb. Fluorocarbon?

I should have packed up and headed for home but the fishing was too good, so I stayed and landed many more fish, but non as large as that 38" Brown.

Here are some of fish who recently fell victim to the K.I.S.S. Crane fly larva and one Rainbow who ran interference.

Crane Fly Larva in the jaw.

Rainbow who ran interference.

Nice wild Brown.

The beast I landed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Top Water Caddis Action

Here in the east we're experiencing a very mild and dry spring. I'm concerned with low water and rising temperatures, that our waters will heat up and stress the trout.  This is normally not a problem for this time of year because the we usually get a fair amount if rain keeping our waters at good levels.  Only time will tell how the rest of the spring will play out, but for now the fishing is hot.

Since the spring opener bugs are popping and the trout are on them.  Mainly caddis, Grannoms to be exact are all over and the trout are looking up.  Several of my last outings I've be dry fly fishing, not once did I set-up a nymph rig.  The two main patterns I've been fishing are my CDC UV Caddis (with and with out an egg sack) and Craig Mathew's of Blue Ribbon Flies, Iris Caddis (Check out Matt Grobert video Tying the Iris Caddis produced by Tim Flagler aka Tightline Productions).

I usually present the fly with a down stream reach cast and dead drift it over holding water and feeding lies, at the end of the drift I'll dance the caddis across the surface mimicking a caddis breaking through the film or a egg-layer depositing her eggs.  Most of the time I'm fishing to rising fish, but I do just as well prospecting and inducing a rise.

The result is some of the best dry fly fishing I've had in years, in fact it's been HOT!

Here are some photos (trout porn) from my outings, enjoy.

One well chewed fly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opening Day 2012

Over the years a tradition has developed around opening day of Trout Season. My boys and many friends have a dinner on the banks of a river and many of us camp out to fish the next morning at the 8:00AM start of the season.

This year we had 30 for dinner with just less than half camping out. The large turn out is in direct proportion to the weather, which this year was fabulous.

I'm the grill master with help from The Jersey Angler, and every one brings some thing to table, whether it's appetizers, sides deserts and adult beverages of one sort or another.

While the season only closes for 3 weeks, this is the first outing for many after a long cold winter. This year we didn't winter, more of an extended Autumn.

For me it's a day where I guide my boys and spend time teaching them the art of angling.

Fish on!

Happy Camper

Nice Brookie

Stream entomology

More bugs

Nice Brown.

Could be the big one.

20" Rainbow