Thursday, July 11, 2013

Troutrageous! Names Fishing Blogger Pro Staff

On July 3, 2013 I plus 9 other bloggers were named to the Troutrageous! Fishing Blogger Pro Staff.  

What does this mean, I'm not sure.  

According to Troutrageous the criteria for being named to the pro staff.
  1. You have to be a fishing blogger (of a blog I actually read)  
  2. I need to have met you in person at least once
  3. You never agreed to be a member and are likely on this list against your will
For number one I guess I have to trust him that he actually reads my blog (even though it's not very active these days).  I have to admit I've met Mr. Troutrageous in the flesh, and yes he is just as funny in person.  Finally number 3 is a yes and double yes.

According to my lawyer there is nothing I can do.  So not only am I out some cash to consult with my lawyer I'm receiving all kinds on email because of this new found BLANK (I don't know what noun,   adjective or expletive to use).  

Well maybe I exaggerate, in truth there was only one email, that from Troutrageous! warning of the blog post.  It is a fun post and I can't wait for next years inductees.

For the whole story go to Introducing The Troutrageous! Fishing Blogger Pro Staff  and take a tour of his site.

Thanks, Mike.