Thursday, July 8, 2010

Caddis Larva based on Bugs of the Underworld - Ice Pink Larva

This pattern owes it's inspiration to  Ralph and Lisa Cutter's DVD "Bugs of the Underworld".

Below is a photo off my TV of the Caddis Larva this pattern is based.  As you can see it is the pink abdomen, cream yellow thorax and black head, also this Caddis has white gills at the tail.

      This image is from "Bugs of the Underworld".

Hook – TMC 2457 or any heavy Grub hook
Size – 10-16
Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Black
Head – Hairline Ice Dub Olive Brown and Black Brass or Tungsten bead 
Thorax – Squirrel Blend Sulphue or any Yellow dubbing blend
Abdomen – Hairline Ice Dub UV Florescent Hot Pink
Rib – .32 gauge Amethyst Parawire or any purple wire
Shell Back – Hairline 1/8" Tan Scud Back
Gills – White CDC

 1. Mash down barb and bead and secure in wire.

  2. Tie in white CDC for Gills.

 3. Tie in Tan Scud Back.

  4. Dub Abdomen.

5. Dub Thorax.

6. Dub Head.

  7. Pull Shell Back over the top and tie-off.

  8. Advance your wire creating the rib.

 9. Secure wire and whip finish.


  1. Good looking nymph. The Bugs of the Underworld DVD is my go-to reference. I play it on my lap top on my tying bench when tying new patterns.